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4-Vehicle Crash Brings Southbound Traffic To A Halt

A collision involving four vehicles caused a considerable traffic backup on the southbound Highway 14 freeway.  The accident occurred in Santa Clarita by Canyon Road two Saturdays ago.  Sadly, two individuals involved in the crash suffered significant injuries.  Traffic came to a standstill during a busy Saturday afternoon so emergency responders could clear the debris and provide medical assistance to the injured parties.

About the Accident

The accident started when two pickup trucks collided.  Supervising Dispatcher Ed Pickett of the Los Angeles County Fire Department states several units responded to the accident.  The California Highway Patrol (CHP) was forced to close all southbound lanes on Highway 14’s freeway as a result of this four-vehicle crash.  CHP officer Elizabeth Kravig reports the lanes were closed shortly before 4 p.m.

Unfortunately, one individual was ejected from his vehicle during the accident.  An ambulance transported two of the critically injured victims resulting from this pickup truck crash.  As of the time of this publication, the two injured individuals were still in critical condition at a local trauma center.

Legal Action Will Likely be Taken

Police have not revealed much information about this pickup truck crash.  At this point, it is difficult to determine if one party is at fault or if fault is shared among those involved in the crash.  However, the fact that two individuals involved in the accident suffered significant injuries means there will likely be legal action.

The personal injury attorney representing these unfortunate victims will review all evidence from the crash site, interview witnesses and analyze the police report.  The ensuing personal injury lawsuits will attempt to prove one or several parties acted in a negligent manner, meaning they did not provide the due care necessary to those in their general area.  If the negligence of one or several parties can be proven, the stage will be set for lucrative personal injury lawsuits. 

It is possible the auto insurers representing the negligent drivers will settle out of court.  However, if necessary, the victims’ attorneys will pursue justice in a court of law.  The resulting settlement or court award will offset all causally related losses tied to the accident including pain, suffering, medical costs, vehicle repairs, diminished earning capacity and lost wages.

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