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5 Freeway Motorcycle Accident Hospitalizes Motorcyclist

A multi-vehicle crash that occurred along the 5 Freeway, slightly to the north of Santa Clarita has seriously injured a motorcyclist.  This individual has been hospitalized.  Let’s delve into the accident details and determine if there will be a lawsuit.

Accident Details

The accident occurred in the early afternoon hours this past Monday.  Emergency responders were notified of the crash along the northbound section of the 5 Freeway by Smokey Bear Road.  Miguel Ornelas, a Los Angeles County Fire Department dispatch supervisor, states the crash involved a motorcyclist and another automobile.  Ornelas stated the accident occurred at 1:50 in the afternoon. 

Emergency medical responders airlifted the motorcyclist to a nearby hospital by helicopter.  The northbound 5 Freeway lanes by Smokey Bear were briefly closed so the helicopter could land.  The motorcyclist was transported to a local hospital.  This victim’s condition is unknown. 

What Caused the Accident?

Police are attempting to answer this question.  The cause of the crash is still a mystery.  No additional details pertaining to the crash have been provided.  Police have not identified the injured motorcyclist.  We are awaiting word on the condition of the car driver. 

The Lawsuit to Follow

At first glance, it appears as though the automobile driver is at fault for this accident.  However, the police investigation could reveal otherwise.  The motorcyclist is likely to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver, claiming he or she acted negligently.  Negligence is the failure to provide others with due care. 

If the lawsuit is successful, it will lead to a settlement or a court award.  The financial compensation obtained through the litigation will be used to pay for all medical costs past, present and future, that are causally related to the crash.  The lawsuit will also seek compensation for additional losses caused by the accident ranging from pain and suffering to diminished earning capacity, lost wages and motorcycle damage.

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