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Accident On Anaheim’s 91 Freeway Proves Deadly

A crash that occurred in Anaheim has taken one life and caused a serious injury to another individual.  The collision occurred a couple Thursdays ago, causing the 91 Freeway in Anaheim to shut down.  Below, we provide a closer look at the accident and determine if there will be a lawsuit.

Accident Details

The two-vehicle accident occurred shortly before midnight along the eastbound section of the 91 Freeway by Raymond Avenue.  The California Highway Patrol reports one individual passed away and another was transported to a nearby hospital so his serious injuries could be treated.  The name of the individual who passed away has not been released.  The victim’s next of kin will be notified of the death before the general public is made aware of the individual’s identity.

The Cause of the Crash and the Response

A Sig Alert was issued shortly after the accident.  The freeway was then shut down going both east and west.  However, the freeway eventually reopened shortly before 5 in the morning.  The California Highway Patrol has not stated the cause of the accident.  The circumstances surrounding the crash are still unclear.  Police are now attempting to piece together the puzzle of this unfortunate accident. 

Once the cause of the accident becomes clear, the stage will be set for legal action.  If it is determined the individual who passed away is not at fault for the accident, his or her loved ones can file a wrongful death lawsuit to obtain financial compensation.  This compensation will be used to pay for the funeral and the burial, provide the family with money for the loss of financial support and also serve as a source of financial assistance to account for additional losses. 

The party who suffered a personal injury can also file a personal injury lawsuit against the party deemed responsible for the accident.  The goal of this lawsuit is to obtain financial compensation for pain, suffering, lost wages, medical bills, diminished earning capacity and additional losses.

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