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Accident On Parthenia Street Proves Fatal

An individual was struck when attempting to lift a manhole earlier this week in Panorama City.  KTLA News Channel Five reports the accident occurred this past Monday morning along Parthenia Street.  Let’s take a closer look at the accident and determine if legal action will be taken.

Accident Details

It appears as though an individual was attempting to uncover a manhole at the same time that a vehicle drove over it.  The automobile involved in the accident was a pickup truck.  The sheer weight of the truck pushed the manhole cover down directly onto the victim.  The man then fell down into the manhole.  Unfortunately, this individual passed away as a result of the accident.  The only description of the victim is that he is a man in his 20s.

The driver of the pickup truck continued to drive, refusing to stop or even slow down to check on the individual who was struck.  However, the silver lining is police have video footage of the accident.  Furthermore, there is also a witness available who saw the accident.  At the moment, police are searching for a white Chevy Silverado, likely made between ’08 and ’12.  Those with information about the vehicle are asked to step forward to bring the negligent driver to justice.  If you or anyone you know has information about such a vehicle, reach out to the police at 818-644-8035.

The Lawsuit to Follow

If the driver of the truck involved in the crash is identified, he or she will face a wrongful death lawsuit.  The aim of this lawsuit is to obtain financial compensation for the family’s loss.  The cost of the funeral and burial along with additional costs such as the loss of comfort will also be included in the settlement or court award. 

It will not be difficult to prove the driver was negligent as he or she clearly struck the man who passed away.  Though there is an argument to be made that the driver might not have seen the victim or that the victim shouldn’t have used the manhole, the fact that the driver sped away from the accident scene does not bode well for his/her case.

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