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Cerritos Collision Involving Party Bus And Motorcycle Proves Deadly

A crash involving a party bus and a motorcycle in Cerritos has taken a life.  The accident occurred along the 91 Freeway ahead of Shoemaker Avenue in the early morning hours this past Sunday.  Police are now attempting to piece together the accident’s puzzle.  Let’s take a closer look at what might have caused the accident and determine if legal action is likely to be taken.

Accident Details

A bus transporting revelers collided with a motorcycle by the 91 Freeway carpool lane.  Early reports state the motorcycle rider likely veered to the side of the freeway before colliding with the bus.  However, police are not exactly certain as to what caused the accident. 

Sadly, the motorcyclist passed away at the accident scene.  At the moment, we are still awaiting word on whether anyone in the party bus has been injured.  Law enforcement is currently investigatng the accident to determine what caused it.  Police suspect high speed might have played a role in the crash.

Will Legal Action be Taken?

If it is determined the driver of the party bus was in any way responsible for the accident or if any other party such as local government, an auto mechanic or even another driver caused the crash, the family of the motorcyclist will file a wrongful death lawsuit against that party.  If that lawsuit succeeds, it will obtain the financial compensation necessary to cover the cost of the funeral, the cost of the burial and additional losses such as the loss of comfort. 

If anyone in the party bus suffered an injury and it is determined the motorcyclist is at fault for the accident, a lawsuit can be filed to obtain compensation from his estate.  However, police are still struggling to determine which party is responsible for the crash.  Witnesses to the crash and anyone else who might have helpful information should contact the California Highway Patrol.

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