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Clairemont Wreck Proves Deadly, Prompting Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A fatal accident occurred in Clairemont this past week.  The accident took a life and also caused a significant injury.  ABC San Diego News Channel 10 reports the accident occurred between Mount Everest Boulevard and Balboa Avenue.  Below, we provide a closer look at the accident details and delve into the legal action that will be taken.

What Caused the Accident?

A Honda Accord and a Toyota Camry were involved in the fatal accident.  Early reports indicate the Camry was traveling eastbound along Balboa Avenue when it slammed into an Accord.  The Accord was moving northbound along Mount Everest Boulevard at the time of the crash.  Emergency responders made a beeline to the accident scene.  The Accord driver ended up passing away at the scene of the accident.  The driver of the Camry was transported to a nearby hospital so his life-threatening injuries could be treated. 

Police are still uncertain as to what caused this unfortunate accident.  Local law enforcement officials in Clairemont are still investigating the crash.  However, police indicate it is the Camry that collided with the Accord.  The driver of the Camry, a 29-year-old woman, survived though her injuries have left her in critical condition.  The SDPD is still investigating this accident.

The Lawsuit to Follow

The family of the individual who passed away is almost certain to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver who is responsible for the accident.  If the driver’s negligence can be proven, the stage will be set for a handsome financial payout either in the form of a settlement or a court award.  Negligence refers to the failure to provide those in one’s vicinity with the proper level of due care.  The money stemming from the lawsuit will be used to cover the cost of the funeral, the cost of the burial, lost financial support and additional losses tied to the loss of life. 

The quality of the family’s attorney will go a long way in ensuring justice is fully served after this deadly crash.  In fact, the work ethic and experience of the attorney who handles the case has the potential to be just as important as the facts of the case. 

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