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Deadly Auto Accident Kills One And Damages Home

An auto accident that occurred in Hancock Park by Rimpau and Third has proven fatal.  The vehicle involved in the accident slammed into a home at a cul de sac by Rimpau, ultimately ending the life of the driver and causing the home’s garage to catch fire.  At this point, it is not clear if the crash caused an injury to anyone in the home.

A Closer Look at the Accident

News reports indicate the youngest member of the family living in the home where the accident occurred had exited the part of the home the car smashed through merely seconds before the accident.  The driver was heading eastbound on Third Street, traveling at a high rate of speed when he lost control of his vehicle and subsequently slammed into the residence. 

The vehicle involved in the accident is a 2021 Mercedes E63.  Police are attempting to determine if the driver was street racing at the time of the crash. Street racing is on the rise in Los Angeles and other parts of southern California.

The Response to the Accident

The Los Angeles Fire Department made a beeline to the accident scene.  Unfortunately, the driver of the Mercedes E63 passed away at the accident site.  No one else was in the vehicle.  However, the home was damaged.  Those living in the house might have also suffered extensive injuries.  Police have not yet identified the driver of the vehicle as the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner still has to complete the investigation.

Legal Action

The individuals who own the property where the accident occurred can sue the estate of the driver for damages.  The property endured extensive damage.  Those living in the home likely suffered mental trauma, pain, suffering and additional injuries.  If the ensuing lawsuit is successful, it will obtain financial compensation for pain, suffering, medical bills, property repairs and all other additional losses causally related to the collision. 

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