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Drunk Driver Fatally Injures Outdoor Diner

Dining outdoors in Los Angeles and other parts of California is certainly one of the Golden State’s selling points.  However, there is an inherent risk in dining outdoors, especially when your table is positioned on a busy street.  Unfortunately, a local outdoor diner was struck and killed this past week.  The only silver lining is the family of the victim might obtain considerable financial compensation through legal action. Everyone in Los Angeles and beyond should be aware that an injury or the death of a loved one resulting from another’s negligence has the potential to be financially compensable. Negligence is the failure to provide due care.

About the Accident

ABC News Channel Seven reports the driver in question drove into an outdoor dining area outside of a San Jose sports bar.  Police suspect the driver was drunk at the time of the accident.  Early reports state the driver sat in his vehicle for half an hour prior to putting the car in reverse and hitting the outdoor diner.  Emergency responders made a beeline to the site of the accident.  One individual was killed and two others were injured as a result of the crash.

The allegedly drunk driver attempted to depart the accident scene.  Thankfully, security guards detained the driver until police arrived.  It is interesting to note the vehicle that slammed into the outdoor diner was a QEC work truck.  QEC is a local construction business.  The driver works for the company as a superintendent.  This individual was arrested after the crash as police suspected he was driving drunk.

The Lawsuits to Follow

As noted above, the family of the victim who passed away will likely seek financial compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit.  This financial compensation is meant to offset costs related to the loved one’s death ranging from the expenses involved in the funeral and burial to the loss of financial support and the loss of comfort.  Those who suffered injuries in the crash will likely file personal injury lawsuits against the driver, charging him with negligence.  Negligence means the failure to provide others with due care.  If the negligence lawsuit proves successful, the resulting financial compensation will not make up for the family’s loss and the other victims’ pain and suffering yet it will certainly offset the financial strain from the accident.

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