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E Scooter Accident Kills Elderly Man

A Venice accident involving a senior citizen and an electric scooter has resulted in death.  KTLA News Channel Five reports that accident occurred this past Saturday evening on a sidewalk near Lincoln Blvd.  Early reports state the elderly individual was struck by the electric scooter and hit his head along the pavement.  Sadly, this man ended up passing away after the collision.

The Response to the Accident

Emergency responders made a beeline to the accident scene to provide the injured man with assistance.  Unfortunately, the senior did not survive his injuries.  Two individuals were riding the electric scooter at the time of the accident.  Both of these individuals were ejected from the scooter during the accident.  The rider who remained at the scene of the accident was arrested as police suspect he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

Law enforcement is now requesting that those who have information about the deadly scooter accident to come forward with that information.  Police are encouraging the public to contact the West Traffic Division detectives at 213-473-0234 with any helpful information about the other rider as well as eyewitness statements pertaining to the accident. 

The Lawsuit

The family of the elderly man who passed away as a result of the accident will likely file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver of the electric scooter.  However, one of the individuals who was on the scooter departed the accident scene soon after the collision.  The rider who remained could easily argue he or she was not operating the vehicle. 

The attorney representing the family of the deceased will be tasked with proving the party accused of causing the death due to negligence was actually operating the electric scooter when the crash occurred.  The word “negligence” means the failure to provide due care to those in one’s vicinity.  If the wrongful death lawsuit proves successful, it will result in either a settlement or a court award that covers the cost of the funeral, the burial, the family’s loss of comfort and additional losses related to the loved one’s death.

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