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Hit And Run Ends With A Crash At A South Los Angeles Gas Station

A hit and run auto accident culminated in a vehicle slamming into a gas station this past Thursday.  The incident occurred in the Florence-Graham area of south Los Angeles.  Below, we provide a look at the accident and attempt to determine if legal action will follow.

Accident Details

A hit and run accident sent a car spinning before hitting the front section of a local gas station.  The incident occurred in the southern part of Los Angeles, drawing attention from local police.  The crash occurred shortly after 3 in the morning this past Thursday.  The hit and run collision took place along the intersection of Firestone Boulevard and Compton Avenue.  Thankfully, the incident was caught on camera through the Shell gas station’s surveillance camera.  The video footage reveals a minivan hit a sedan and just barely missed colliding with fuel pumps prior to slamming into the gas station entryway. 

Injuries and Potential Legal Action

Two individuals emerged from the vehicle that struck the gas station.  The condition of these individuals is not known at the time of this publication.  We are still awaiting word from the Los Angeles police as to whether any customers inside the gas station were injured as a result of the vehicle colliding with the building. 

Those injured in this completely preventable accident will likely have solid legal footing for a personal injury lawsuit against the driver.  If the personal injury attorney representing the injured parties can prove the driver was negligent, meaning he or she failed to provide those in the area with the proper amount of care, a settlement or court award will likely be obtained.  Such essential financial compensation helps to right this unfortunate wrong.  The money will be used to cover the cost of medical treatment, vehicle repairs, pain, suffering, lost time at work, diminished working capacity and additional losses caused by the accident.

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