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I-5 Wrong Way Collision Proves Fatal

A wrong way collision on I-5 has taken a life.  ABC San Diego News Channel 10 reports the accident occurred this past Tuesday.  The crash occurred in the Carmel Valley area by Carmel Mountain Road shortly before 1 in the morning. 

A Look at the Accident

It appears as though a Dodge Magnum was traveling north yet in the southbound lane of the highway when the crash occurred.  The Magnum collided with a Honda Civic.  Unfortunately, a Ford pickup truck also struck the vehicles.  Emergency responders made their way to the accident scene where they found multiple people injured.  Sadly, the passenger riding in the Civic at the time of the accident passed away.  An additional four people were hospitalized with significant injuries.  A section of the highway was subsequently closed so crews could clean up the accident scene.

The Cause of the Crash

There has been no official word on the exact cause of the collision.  Police are still performing their investigation.  However, early reports indicate the Magnum driver was heading in the wrong direction.  This means the Magnum driver will likely be found to be negligent.  Negligence is a legal term that refers to a party’s failure to provide due care for those in his or her vicinity.  Even businesses and other organizations can be found guilty of negligence.

The Lawsuits to Follow

The driver of the Magnum will likely face several lawsuits.  The family of the victim who was riding in the Civic at the time of the accident will probably file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver of the Magnum.  If this lawsuit is successful, it will obtain financial compensation to cover the cost of the funeral, the cost of the burial, the loss of financial support and even the family’s loss of comfort. 

Furthermore, those who suffered injuries in the crash will likely also file personal injury lawsuits against the driver of the Magnum.  If these lawsuits lead to a settlement or court award, the money will help offset costs causally related to the accident.  These costs include the cost of medical care, the cost of property repairs, pain, suffering, lost wages at work and even diminished earning capacity. 

Stay tuned.  The outcome of the case will be shaped by the details that follow including the official police report, eyewitness accounts of the accident, surveillance footage and more.  At this point, what matters most for the victims is to hire a personal injury attorney with experience handling auto accident cases.  A personal injury attorney with extensive experience in this practice area combined with a strong work ethic and an attention to detail greatly increases the chances of a favorable court award.

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