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Inglewood Crash Likely Caused By A Drunk Driver

A driver suspected of DUI slammed into another vehicle in Inglewood earlier this month, ultimately killing two.  The DUI suspect was driving a pickup truck at the time of the accident.  The two individuals who passed away have not yet been identified so their next of kin could be notified of their departure from this plane of existence.  However, police have stated one of the victims was a man, age 27 and another was a woman, age 22.

Accident Details

The car driven by the victim and his passenger was T-boned by the vehicle driven by the DUI suspect.  This accident occurred around 10:30 p.m. at night so poor vision could have also played a role in the crash.  Highway Patrol officers witnessed the pickup truck driver traveling at a fast rate of speed.  California Highway Patrol Officer Franc Pepi, stated the truck zoomed through a red light by the 405 Freeway.

Though the police officers who witnessed the truck traveling at a high rate of speed followed the driver, he would not stop his vehicle.  A high-speed pursuit followed, taking place on the 405 Freeway prior to the truck driver changing directions through the Manchester Boulevard exit.  The chase proceeded along Inglewood streets.

The pickup truck driver was traveling north along Glasgow Avenue when he collided with another vehicle at the Olive Street intersection.  The pickup truck driver left the accident scene, fleeing on foot.  However, police eventually took this DUI suspect into custody after tracking him down.

The Victims’ Path to Justice

It is awfully sad to report the Los Angeles County Fire Department personnel needed the jaws of life to extricate the two individuals in the sedan hit by the allegedly drunk driver.  The female passenger passed away at the accident scene.  The male driver was transported to a local hospital where he passed away from his injuries.  Furthermore, Animal Control was summoned to the accident scene as a dog was within the vehicle at the time of the accident.

The pickup truck driver clearly acted in a negligent manner.  Negligence is the failure to provide the appropriate level of care to others within one’s vicinity.  The wrongful death lawsuits to follow will be filed by the victims’ family members.  If these lawsuits succeed, they will obtain financial compensation for the loss of financial support, the loss of comfort, funeral costs, burial costs and additional costs tied to the accident.  In fact, the victims’ family members might also take legal action to seek compensation to cover the cost of medical treatment provided to the dog injured in the accident.

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