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Los Angeles Police Are Searching For East Hollywood Hit And Run Driver

The Los Angeles Police Department is on the prowl for a driver involved in a hit and run.  The driver crashed into a man while driving in East Hollywood.  Sadly, this collision ended up causing the man’s death.  Here is a quick look at this tragic accident and a preview of the potential lawsuit to be filed by his family members.

Accident Details

The fatal hit and run collision occurred in East Hollywood this past Saturday morning.  The accident was reported shortly after 5 a.m. by North Edgemont Street and Melrose Avenue.  Officials have described the vehicle suspected of slamming into this unfortunate individual as being a black sedan. 

A nearby laundromat provided surveillance video of the intersection where the accident occurred.  The footage, handed off to KTLA, reveals a black sedan departing the accident scene after striking a person.  The video clearly shows the driver of this black vehicle did not stop driving after hitting the individual.  Nor did this vehicle slow down following the crash.

Officials have not provided additional details about the victim’s identity.  However, we do know this man is in his 30s.  Police accident investigators are canvassing the area by the accident for potential witnesses.  Police are also reviewing surveillance videos from businesses positioned by the accident site.  However, at the time of this publication, no additional details were provided.

Will There be a Lawsuit?

If the driver responsible for the accident can be identified, there will be a wrongful death lawsuit filed by his family members.  However, LAPD will have to first identify the driver responsible for the crash by connecting the video surveillance footage to his vehicle.  The video footage clearly reveals the driver acted in a negligent manner, meaning he did not provide due care for those in his vicinity. 

If the ensuing wrongful death lawsuit is successful, it will obtain financial compensation for the victim’s family members.  This financial compensation is meant to offset all losses tied to the accident, ranging from the loss of comfort to the loss of financial support, funeral costs, burial costs, etc.

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