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Mountain View Crash Leaves Two Injured

An auto accident that occurred this past weekend left two people injured.  ABC San Diego News Channel 10 reports the accident occurred Saturday night along South 45th’s 400 block.  Early reports state a driver who might have been drunk while driving a Ford Fusion proceeded through a stop sign and collided with a pickup truck.  The Fusion continued forward and collided with a parked automobile.  This parked vehicle then collided with a different vehicle.

Accident Details

The driver, age 35, who is suspected of being drunk was driving a black 2012 Ford Fusion at the time he ran the stop sign.  He struck a red 2003 Ford Ranger pickup truck driven by a 49-year-old man.  Sadly, both of these drivers suffered injuries.  The Fusion driver ended up with a cut to his head.  The pickup truck driver broke his leg.

The Response to the Accident

Emergency responders made a beeline to the accident scene.  The driver who initially caused the accident as well as the driver in the truck were both injured as a result of the crash.  However, as of the time of this publication, there is no indication as to what type of charges the allegedly drunk driver will face.  Furthermore, information pertaining to the extent of the victims’ injuries has not been released.  Local law enforcement is still investigating the accident.

The Ensuing Lawsuit

Police suspect the driver who caused this crash was likely drunk at the time of the accident.  This means the driver responsible for the crash acted negligently.  The driver’s negligence sets the stage for a personal injury lawsuit.  The man injured in the crash will seek financial compensation for all related medical costs, pain, suffering, diminished earning capacity, lost wages and additional losses resulting from the accident. 

However, the victim’s attorney’s experience, knowledge and work ethic are just as important as the facts of the case.  A savvy attorney will stand a much better chance of winning a personal injury lawsuit or at least obtaining a favorable settlement than one who takes on too many clients or lacks experience.

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