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Multi-Vehicle Accident In Chula Vista Injures 5

Five individuals suffered injuries in a Chula Vista crash earlier this week.  The accident involved several vehicles.  ABC San Diego News Channel 10 states the wreck occurred along East H Street by Paseo Del Rey.  The crash occurred shortly before the Noon hour two Tuesdays ago.  All in all, more than half a dozen automobiles were involved in the collision.  Gino Grippo, a representative from the Chula Vista Police Department, states the accident led to the closure of several traffic lines in the early afternoon hours.

The Response to the Accident

Emergency medical responders zoomed on over to the accident scene where they found one of the vehicles had overturned.  This vehicle was on fire when the first responders arrived.  Two individuals were trapped within the vehicles.  The emergency responders had to use the jaws of life to extricate these unfortunate personal injury victims.

Police are still attempting to determine what caused the crash.  Law enforcement officers are now questioning if alcohol played a role in the crash.  It appears as though there is suspicion that the driver who caused the crash was inebriated at the time of the accident.  Two victims were rescued and transported to a nearby hospital.  Three others were also treated for injuries.  Some of these injuries were quite serious, including broken bones and internal trauma. 

The Lawsuits to Follow

The challenge is identifying the driver responsible for the accident.  If the personal injury attorneys representing the victims can prove this driver acted negligently, it will lead to financial compensation through a court award or a settlement.  The money obtained through the lawsuit will be used to offset all related losses.  The settlement or court award will cover the cost of all related medical expenses, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, pain, suffering and additional losses.

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