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North Park E-Bike Accident Sends One To The Hospital

An electric bike was involved in a North Park accident this past week.  ABC San Diego News Channel 10 reports the crash occurred along Lincoln Avenue between Arizona Street and Hamilton Street.

A GMC Sierra was traveling north through an alley between Arizona Street and Hamilton when the crash occurred.  The driver came to an abrupt halt prior to crossing Lincoln Ave.  At the same time, a man riding an electric bike was heading westbound one Lincoln’s eastbound lane.  This bike rider collided with the Sierra pickup truck.

The Injury

The electric bike rider suffered several injuries.  This unfortunate individual was taken to a nearby hospital so his injuries could be treated.  The victim suffered a fractured ankle though details have not been released about any additional injuries.

The Cause of the Crash

The cause of the accident is still under investigation.  However, it appears as though the driver of the Sierra pickup truck came to a complete stop for no reason.  This action might constitute negligence, meaning the Sierra pickup truck driver failed to provide due care to those in the vicinity. 

The truck driver pulled out in front of the bike rider, causing that vulnerable individual to slam into the side of the vehicle.  If the truck driver would have continued to cross Lincoln Ave. with the normal flow of traffic, the bicyclist would not have struck the side of the vehicle.   Furthermore, there might have been a legally justifiable reason for the Sierra to be traveling down the alley in the first place.

The Lawsuit to Follow

The bicyclist will likely file a personal injury lawsuit against the GMC Sierra pickup truck driver.  The personal injury lawsuit will allege the driver acted negligently by stopping in an intersection instead of proceeding through it.  If it is determined the driver failed to provide the rider of the electric bike with the appropriate level of care, that driver will be found guilty of negligence. 

However, there is also a chance this legal matter will be settled through an out of court settlement rather than passing through the court system.  If the victim obtains a settlement or a favorable court award, he will receive financial compensation that covers the cost of medical care, pain, suffering, lost wages, diminished earning capacity and additional losses caused by the accident.

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