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Northridge Crash Takes A Life

One individual passed away after an accident in Northridge.  The accident occurred this past Saturday in the early morning hours.  Below, we provide a closer look at the crash and try to determine if legal action will be taken.

A Look at the Accident

It appears as though a vehicle smashed into a tree and the driver subsequently passed away.  However, police are uncertain as to whether this vehicle was driven off the road by another vehicle, if it had a mechanical defect or if the driver was simply negligent.  Unfortunately, the driver died after his vehicle struck the tree.

Police responded to the accident shortly after midnight.  The smashed automobile was discovered at Romar Street and Tampa Avenue.  One of the photographers at the accident scene stated police determined the driver had passed away.  Police subsequently closed Tampa Avenue in each direction between Mayall Street and Devonshire Street.

Will Legal Action be Taken?

Police are still investigating the accident to determine its cause.  Though there is a good chance the driver was negligent and smashed into the tree after speeding or consuming alcohol or drugs, police have not identified driver negligence as the cause of the crash.  There is a chance another automobile was involved in the crash and sped away.  If surveillance footage reveals the driver was not speeding, an investigation might be performed to determine if there was a mechanical defect. 

There is even the potential for the local government to have been negligent.  As an example, if a stop sign did not work or if the road was in poor condition and either contributed to the accident, local government will be found guilty of negligence.  Negligence is a party’s failure to provide due care to others.

The family of the deceased individual will file a wrongful death lawsuit if they believe another party’s negligence played a role in the accident and their loved one’s subsequent death.  If the lawsuit proves successful, it will lead to a settlement or a court award.  The money obtained through the legal action will be used to cover the funeral expense, burial expense, loss of financial support, loss of comfort and other losses caused by the loved one’s death.

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