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One Dead After Highway 371 Crash

An automobile crash on Highway 371 by Anza has left one individual dead.  The accident also resulted in a brushfire.  The Riverside County Fire Department reports the crash occurred this past Monday along the eastbound lane by Cahuilla Creek Casino.  The Fire Department representative also stated the accident occurred shortly after 2 p.m.

How the Accident Occurred

Though information about the accident is limited, we do know it started when a red-colored vehicle veered off the road and made its way into a ditch.  The vehicle then caught fire.  The California Highway Patrol reports multiple drivers saw the accident take place.  These drivers pulled over to the side of the road to help remove the vehicle occupant from the vehicle engulfed in flames. 

The Loss of Life and Property

Unfortunately, the victim was declared to be dead at the accident scene.  The name of the victim has not yet been revealed as his next of kin are to be notified of his passing before the general public.  The flames from the vehicle ignited the nearby brush.  The resulting brush fire caused an entire acre to burn.  However, local firefighters put out the blaze within the hour.  California Highway Patrol officers were forced to shut down the eastbound lane of the highway. 

Legal Action Might be Taken

Police are still attempting to determine what caused the driver involved in this accident to veer off the road.  There is the potential that those who witnessed the accident will state another driver’s carelessness prompted the driver losing control of his vehicle.  There is also a chance that the mechanic who last worked on the vehicle made one or several mistakes.  In some accidents, there is a car defect that is ultimately a form of negligence on behalf of the automaker.  Negligence is a term used by attorneys to insinuate a party failed to provide others with the appropriate level of care.

The ensuing accident report and the analysis performed by the attorney representing the family of the decedent will ultimately determine whether a wrongful death lawsuit is filed.  If such a lawsuit leads to a settlement or favorable court award, it will provide the money necessary to pay for funeral expenses, burial expenses, the loss of income/financial support, the loss of comfort and other losses causally related to the crash.

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