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One Killed And Another Injured In Garden Grove Accident

An auto accident that occurred in the Garden Grove area this past weekend has proven fatal.  The crash killed one person and injured another.  KTLA News Channel Five reports the accident occurred this past Saturday evening by Libby Lane and Woodbury Road.  Below, we provide a closer look at the accident details and determine if a lawsuit will be filed.

A Look at the Accident

A white Nissan truck was traveling eastbound along Woodbury at a high rate of speed.  The truck collided with a Toyota Camry which was stationary at a red light.  The force of the accident caused the Camry to be pushed directly into an intersection where it collided with several parked vehicles.  The driver of the Nissan exited the vehicle and fled on foot. 

Emergency responders made a beeline to the accident scene where they found the Camry driver dead.  A passenger in the vehicle suffered significant injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital.  However, police officers located the Nissan driver within the hour.  This individual was determined to be drunk and subsequently transported to jail.

The Lawsuits to Follow

Several parties can file lawsuits against the negligent driver who caused this accident.  The family of the individual who passed away will likely file a wrongful death lawsuit against the drunk driver as he clearly failed to provide adequate care for those in his surroundings, meaning he is negligent.  The goal of a wrongful death lawsuit is to obtain the financial compensation necessary to cover the cost of the funeral, burial, lost financial support, the loss of social comfort and additional losses.

The individual injured in the accident will also likely file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver to recover financial compensation for pain, suffering, medical costs, lost wages, diminished earning capacity and additional losses.  It will certainly help if witnesses to the accident provide testimony that reinforces the allegation that the driver who caused the accident was drunk.  Those who witnessed the crash are encouraged to reach out to the Garden Grove Police Department at (714) 741-5823.

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