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More than one million people pass away each year as a result of deadly car accidents.  Sadly, between 20 and 50 million individuals endure life-altering injuries stemming from auto accidents.  The ubiquity of smartphones has made driving more dangerous than ever before.  If you or one of your family members have been injured in an auto accident that is even partially the fault of another person or party, you have solid footing to take legal action and win compensation.

The Timing of Legal Action

California requires those injured in auto accidents to file a lawsuit within two years from the point in time at which the accident occurred.  If the injury results from the negligence of a governmental body or an individual acting on behalf of the government, it will be necessary to file a Claim for Damages in the six months that follow the accident.

The Top Causes of Auto Accidents

The top causes of auto accidents in the state of California are as follows:

The Types of Damages Available for Car Accident Victims

California law empowers those who are injured in an auto accident to recover two distinct types of damages: Economic and non-economic.

Economic damages are as follows:

Non-economic damages are as follows:

California law states an individual injured in an auto accident is entitled to compensation for the items of damage listed above.  Such victims are entitled to recover non-economic damages in the past as well as the future.  Our legal team is here to maximize the value of all of the items of damage to facilitate your physical, mental and financial recovery in a timely manner.

Too many auto injury victims allow the insurance company to take advantage of them by minimizing the value of their claim.  The better approach is to let our auto accident attorneys interact with the insurance company and opposing counsel on your behalf.  We know exactly how to recover the most possible money for each item of damage permitted under California law.

Is It Possible for my Spouse to Make a Claim if I have been Injured in an Auto Accident?

California law permits the spouse of an individual injured in a car accident to file a claim for Loss of Consortium.  A Loss of Consortium claim empowers the spouse to recover compensation for loss of love, assistance, care, comfort, affection, protection and even the loss of enjoyment stemming from sexual relations as a result of the injuries.

What is the Proper Course of Action at the Scene of the Accident?

It is important to follow a series of steps after your auto accident to maximize your potential compensation and preserve important evidence.  Here is exactly what you should do:

  1. Ensure everyone is in good shape. If an individual requires emergency medical attention, dial 9-1-1 right away. 
  2. Contact the police to report the accident. Request that the police generate a Traffic Collision Report.  Be sure to obtain the Traffic Collision Report number.
  3. Collect the information of the drivers as well as the vehicles involved in the accident. Information to record includes names, vehicle makes/models, license plate numbers, driver’s license numbers, insurance provider names and policy numbers.  You can either write this information down or take photos.
  4. Collect the names and contact information of those who witnessed the accident.
  5. Take pictures of the collision scene including the locations of the vehicles, their damage, the closest intersection and traffic light signals.
  6. Take pictures of your personal injuries as well as damage to your vehicle, other vehicles and nearby structures.
  7. Contact our law firm for a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation.

Why Select Eisenberg Law Group as Your Auto Accident Attorney?

Our legal team has successfully practiced personal injury law in California for more than three decades.  In total, we have handled thousands of auto accident cases.  Our law firm head, Gary Eisenberg, started out working for auto insurance businesses.  This experience provided Gary with an inside look at how the auto insurance industry works.  Sadly, the truth is auto insurance businesses will attempt to minimize claim values whenever possible.  The overarching goal of auto insurance companies is to make money. 

Our team has the experience, knowledge and skills necessary to maximize each case’s value, striving for truly fair compensation for this egregious wrongdoing.  Select Eisenberg Law Group as your personal injury attorneys and we will fiercely advocate on your behalf, developing and implementing the strategies necessary to prove another’s negligence caused your accident and ultimately maximize your compensation.

The Eisenberg law Group focuses on the following cornerstones of legal service:

Risk-free Legal Representation: Our legal consultations are completely free, meaning you do not pay a penny in attorney’s fees unless we emerge victorious in your case.

A Track Record of Success: Our legal team has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for those who have endured catastrophic personal injuries including those who have unfortunately endured traumatic brain injuries.  We do everything within the confines of the law to maximize client compensation.  Our success rate in terms of court awards and beneficial settlement agreements is evidence of our law firm’s merit.

Individualized Service: Feel free to reach out to our law office at any time to talk about your case.  Our attorneys speak with clients rather than delegating these discussions to paralegals or secretaries.  Our family-owned firm is quite cordial compared to corporate law firms.

Contact the Eisenberg Law Group Today

If you are in an auto accident and suspect another person or institution is even partially responsible for the collision, it is important that you act quickly.  Our attorneys are here to spearhead your quest for justice.  The best part is you will not pay anything unless we win your case.  Contact us today by phone at 818-591-8058, by email at Office@gcelaw.com or through our online contact form to schedule an initial no-cost consultation.


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