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Santa Clarita Accident Causes One Death And Several Injuries

One individual has passed away after a car collision this past Thursday night in Santa Clarita.  Two others were injured as a result of the crash.  Below, we provide a closer look at the accident and attempt to determine if a lawsuit or several lawsuits will be filed.

Accident Details

Paramedics responded to reports of a collision involving four vehicles on the 17000 block of Soledad Canyon Road.  The call for help stated one individual was trapped.  Unfortunately, one individual was declared to be dead at the scene of the accident.  Another person involved in the accident was transported to a nearby trauma center.  The other individual injured in the crash was not transported to the hospital as his injuries were minor. 

What Caused the Accident?

It is particularly interesting to note SkyFOX obtained images from this auto accident that shows two vehicles slamming directly into one another.  The third automobile involved in the accident was redirected to a nearby sidewalk by a bus stop.  Thankfully, it appears as though no one was waiting at the bus stop at the time of the accident so injuries are limited to those in the vehicles.  However, the exact circumstances of this unfortunate accident are unknown. 

Police are still investigating the accident to determine what might have caused the crash.  The fact that the vehicles smashed into one another head-one certainly makes it seem as though one of the drivers veered into the opposing lane of traffic or traveled the wrong way after making a turn. 

The Ensuing Legal Action

If it can be proven that one of the drivers who survived the accident was at fault for the crash, that driver will be held legally liable.  A driver found guilty of negligence has failed to provide the proper level of care to those in his or her area.  A negligence verdict leads to court awards for the victim’s family.  The family of the unfortunate soul who passed away might receive considerable financial compensation for the loss of comfort, the loss of financial support, burial expenses and funeral expenses.  Those who suffered injuries will receive the money necessary to cover medical expenses, pain, suffering, diminished earning capacity and lost wages.

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