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South Los Angeles Hit And Run Will Prompt A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A hit and run accident that occurred in South Los Angeles last night has proven deadly.  Police stated the accident occurred shortly after 9 in the evening.  The female victim was struck while walking along the 10000 section of South Figueroa St. The only silver lining to this loss of life is the victim’s family now has the potential to obtain a considerable sum of money as a result of a wrongful death lawsuit.

Accident Details

Police have not yet revealed the name of the victim in this unfortunate accident.  However, police have revealed the victim is a woman.  The woman passed away at the scene of the hit and run accident.  Local police have stated they are searching for a sport utility vehicle that is dark in color.  The color and size of the vehicle is all that is known.  Anyone who witnessed a dark colored sport utility vehicle in the vicinity of the 10000 block of South Figueroa St. last night that was driving erratically or with dents or blood stains along its body is encouraged to reach out to local police. 

The Response to the Accident

Police closed Figueroa St. blocks 10000 to 12000 after the hit and run accident.  The Los Angeles Police Department needed this space to be completely clear to perform its investigation of the collision.  However, the focus now turns to identifying the driver at fault for the crash.  This driver appears to be negligent, meaning he or she did not provide due care for those in his or her vicinity. 

If the driver is identified and negligence is proven, the family of the victim will likely receive a significant amount of financial compensation resulting from a settlement or a lawsuit.  The financial compensation is meant to be used to cover the cost of the burial, the funeral and additional losses such as the loss of comfort after losing a loved one. 

Stay tuned.  As more evidence is gathered, identifying the negligent driver and bringing him or her to justice will be that much easier. 

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