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Spring Valley Crash Injures Child

A head-on collision in Spring Valley has injured a child.  Unfortunately, three other individuals were also injured in the accident.  ABC San Diego News Channel 10 reports the crash occurred this past Monday morning along Jamacha Boulevard’s 9000 block by Kempton Street. 

Why the Accident Occurred

Police are attempting to figure out what, exactly, caused the accident.  It appears as though a Nissan Altima that was heading east moved to the westbound lane and struck a Saturn sport utility vehicle.  The Altima driver and a 5-year-old passenger in the car seat were transported to a nearby hospital so their injuries could be treated.  These injuries have been described as ranging from major to moderate. 

Furthermore, the driver and the passenger who were in the Saturn at the time of the accident were transported to a nearby hospital so their moderate injuries could be treated.  Police have not identified the specific cause of the collision as the California Highway Patrol is still investigating the matter.

The Legal Action to Follow

If police end up determining that the driver of the Altima is at fault for the accident due to allegedly veering into traffic heading in the opposite direction, that driver might be sued by the passenger in his vehicle as well as those riding in the other vehicle involved in the crash.  Furthermore, this vehicle slammed into another parked vehicle before finally coming to a halt.  The owner of the parked vehicle will also likely seek financial compensation if it turns out his or her vehicle has more than a couple hundred dollars of damage.

What matters most in the context of this collision is whether driver negligence can be proven.  If eyewitnesses or video footage reveals the Altima driver acted negligently, meaning he or she failed to provide due care to those in his or her vicinity, that driver will face a personal injury lawsuit.  However, at this time police are uncertain as to which party is at fault for the crash or if multiple parties share fault for the unfortunate accident.

If it turns out the Altima driver is negligent, those who suffered pain, injuries and property damage as a result of the accident will receive financial compensation to offset those losses.  The money obtained through a personal injury lawsuit can be used to pay for medial expenses, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, pain, suffering and additional losses causally related to the collision.

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