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Stolen SUV Crashes, Causing Several Injuries

An automobile accident that caused multiple injuries occurred this past week in Escondido.  ABC San Diego News Channel 10 reports the SUV was speeding prior to the collision.  The SUV slammed into another automobile by Vista Avenue and Ash Street.  The vehicle, a Ford Escape, struck a Honda Civic prior to veering off the road and slamming into a light pole.

The Response to the Accident

Emergency responders made a beeline to the accident to provide medical assistance.  However, the two individuals who were in the SUV at the time of the accident had already left the scene on foot.  These thieves stole the SUV, slammed it into another vehicle and then a light pole prior to fleeing. 

Sadly, the three individuals in the vehicle that was struck suffered serious injuries.  These victims were transported to a nearby hospital so their injuries could be treated.  Local law enforcers are still investigating the collision.  According to Lt. Kevin Toth. One of the individuals who departed the accident scene appears to have been identified.  However, police are still looking for the driver of the vehicle. 

The Lawsuit to Follow

If the driver of the stolen SUV is identified, he or she will face a personal injury lawsuit.  The aim of this lawsuit is to obtain financial compensation for all costs tied to the accident.  If the lawsuit proves successful, it will lead to a court award or settlement that covers the cost of medical care causally related to the crash, pain, suffering and additional losses. 

Even losses such as diminished earning capacity and lost wages are compensable through a court award or settlement.  This is precisely why those who suffer injuries due to another party’s negligence need an experienced attorney on their side.  The best attorneys are willing to gather evidence, interview witnesses, read through medical reports and do everything else necessary within the confines of the law to win a personal injury lawsuit.

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