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Street Racing Accident Kills Two

A street racing collision that occurred in Palmdale by Antelope Valley Mall has resulted in the deaths of two individuals.  Local police are now looking for the speeding driver who caused the hit and run collision.  This fiery wreck ended up taking two lives.  The accident took place this past Wednesday morning. 

About the Accident

The crash involved several vehicles in the area of West Rancho Vista Boulevard and North 11th Street West.  The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department stated to CBSLA that a Dodge vehicle was speeding at the time that it slammed into the back of a Toyota Corolla.  The collision knocked a light pole down.  Surveillance footage of the accident reveals the explosion that occurred at the point of impact.  The crash caused the Corolla to explode into massive flames, ultimately killing two individuals. 

The victims are Lesther Deleon, age 37 and Spechelle Pope, age 28.  This loss of life is especially tragi as Pope was a mother to four young kids.  Deleon was transporting Pope to a nearby grocery store at the time of the accident.

The Response to the Accident

Jon Craig, a worker at a Denny’s restaurant in the area spotted the flames from the crash and rushed over to lend assistance.  Crag was able to pull the rideshare driver out of the fiery wreck.  Unfortunately, the driver suffered significant burns.  The drier had passed away by the time the ambulance arrived.  Sadly, the driver of the Dodge vehicle hopped into an Infiniti and departed the accident scene.

The Lawsuit to Follow

Police believe the Dodge driver was involved in a street race prior to the collision.  It is clear that Los Angeles has a car club problem that is proving deadly.  The driver of the Dodge was clearly negligent.  If this driver can be identified, he or she will face multiple wrongful death lawsuits from the family of the deceased.  If these lawsuits lead to a settlement or court award, the money will be used to cover funeral costs, burial costs, the loss of comfort, the loss of financial support and all other losses causally related to this violent collision.

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