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Teenage Driver Dies After Crash In Oxnard

A 13-year-old has passed away after a nasty accident in Oxnard earlier this week.  KTLA News Channel Five reports the accident occurred at the intersection of Gonzales Road and Rose Avenue in the early afternoon this past week.  Here is a quick look at the accident and the legal action that will likely follow.

How the Accident Occurred

Early reports indicate a 2012 Dodge Ram 2500 truck collided with a 1999 Honda Civic.  Unfortunately, five individuals were in the Civic when the crash occurred.  Three of these individuals were transported to a nearby hospital so their injuries could be treated.  Sadly, one of the injured individuals was merely 13 years of age.  The victim passed away after suffering injuries in the crash.  The victim’s name has not yet been made public.

Perhaps the only silver lining to this unfortunate crash is the fact that no other life-threatening injuries were reported.  Furthermore, information has not been provided as to why the vehicles collided in the first place.  Police are requesting that anyone who witnessed the accident reach out to them with information that will help piece together the puzzle, ensuring justice is served.  Those who saw the accident or have information pertaining to it are encouraged to contact Officer Paul Knapp by dialing 805-385-7750.

The Legal Action to Follow

Aside from revealing that the driver of the Dodge involved in the accident is 38 years of age and the driver of the Honda is 46 years of age, police have not revealed much else about the individuals involved in the crash.  The family of the teenager who passed away will likely file a wrongful death lawsuit.  However, police are not completely certain as to which driver is at fault for the crash. 

If it can be determined a party’s carelessness for others, referred to as negligence, not only exists but caused the teen’s death, the stage will be set for a lucrative wrongful death lawsuit.  The overarching goal of such a lawsuit is to obtain financial compensation to cover the cost of the funeral and the burial as well as additional losses such as the loss of comfort. 

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