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Three Pass Away And Another Suffers An Injury In Lucerne Valley Crash

A crash that occurred in Lucerne Valley has proven deadly.  The collision caused the deaths of three young girls.   Another individual involved in the accident suffered serious injuries that required hospitalization.  The accident took place this past Saturday night.

A Closer Look at the Crash

It appears as though a driver struck the four youngsters and fled the scene of the accident.  At least that is the best guess of the California Highway Patrol officers who responded to the call for help.  The victims have been identified as Daytona Bronas, age 12, Willow Sanchez, age 11 and Sandra Mizer, age 13.  These individuals were killed when they were hit by a vehicle on Camp Rock Road’s northbound lane.  Sadly, the three youngsters were declared dead at the scene of the accident.

The collision also caused Natalie Coe, age 14, to be hospitalized.  Coe was taken to Loma Linda University medical Center so her life-threatening injuries could be treated.  Unfortunately, this young girl’s leg was amputated.  The rest of her limbs were broken.  Furthermore, hospital representatives have stated her internal organs are also struggling.  Natalie and another one of the girls involved in the accident already used wheelchairs prior to this accident due to preexisting disabilities.

The Cause of the Accident

California Highway Patrol officers stated an unknown driver along with a passenger in a ’02 Chevy Silverado seem to have drifted toward the shoulder of the road where the girls were walking.  The girls were walking around the block after visiting with one of their older sisters. 

Witnesses state the driver and passenger of the vehicle that hit the girls exited the vehicle and used a flashlight to determine who they hit in the collision.  Police officer L. McAllister with the Victorville California Highway Patrol area office requests that those who have information about the accident provide that information to the police by dialing (760) 241-1186.

The Legal Action to Come

Wrongful death lawsuits and a personal injury lawsuit might result from this tragic crash.  However, police will have to identify the driver of the vehicle that struck the girls.  If the driver is identified, he or she will face several wrongful death lawsuits.  Those lawsuits will be filed with the intention of obtaining financial compensation to cover the cost of the funeral, the cost of the burial, the loss of financial support, the loss of comfort/care and all other losses tied to the crash.

The unfortunate girl who suffered extensive injuries as a result of the crash will likely file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver.  The hope is that such a lawsuit leads to financial compensation to pay for medical bills, pain, suffering, diminished earning capacity, lost wages and more.

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