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Truck Collides With Baby Stroller In Long Beach

A baby was injured in a Long Beach accident this past Thursday.  The accident occurred between Long Beach Boulevard and 67th Street.  Unfortunately, this was a hit and run accident, meaning the driver fled the scene of the accident.  Let’s take a closer look at the collision and the legal fallout.

Accident Details

KTLA News Channel Five reports an infant in a stroller was hit by an automobile when her mother was pushing her across a crosswalk.  A white colored truck subsequently hit the stroller.  Emergency responders were summoned to the accident scene.  The infant was taken to a nearby hospital so her injuries could be treated.  Early reports state the injuries are not life threatening.   Police ended up closing 68th Street following the accident.

The Legal Action to Follow

The driver of the vehicle fled the accident site prior to the arrival of authorities.  Police are still investigating the crash to determine if there are any witnesses or surveillance footage that might provide clues as to who is responsible for this negligent act.  If the driver of the truck can be identified and it can be proven he or she acted negligently, meaning failing to provide due care for others, financial compensation will be obtained through a settlement or a court award.  At this time, all that is known is that the driver was behind the wheel of a white sport utility vehicle.

If the driver is identified and a personal injury lawsuit is filed, the family of the infant is likely to receive financial compensation.  This financial compensation will be used to cover the cost of medical costs, pain, suffering, damage to the baby stroller and additional losses.  Furthermore, if it turns out the mother who was pushing the stroller at the time of the accident suffered injuries, the ensuing personal injury lawsuit will obtain financial compensation for related medical expenses and additional losses as well.

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