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Two-Car Collision Leads To Pacific Coast Highway Shutdown

A two-car crash ended up closing off part of the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).  This serious collision caused significant traffic delays this past Monday.  Below, we provide a look at the accident and determine whether a personal injury lawsuit will be filed.

Accident Details

The accident involved a Honda Accord and a Jeep.  The crash occurred around 1:30 p.m. in Santa Monica.  To be more specific, the collision occurred in the 1000 block of the Pacific Coast Highway.  The Honda Accord suffered significant damage in the accident.  Unfortunately, this vehicle was positioned in the middle of the lanes, meaning it prevented traffic from proceeding in an orderly manner.  The Jeep ended up coming to a stop along the sidewalk, which was helpful in the context of the progression of traffic.

The accident resulted in the Pacific Coast Highway’s southbound side being completely closed off from traffic.  Authorities permitted a single lane of vehicles to pass along the northbound side.  However, the accident significantly slowed traffic.  Unfortunately, two individuals could not emerge from their vehicle and ultimately had to be extricated with the jaws of life.  These victims were taken to a nearby hospital.

 Emergency responders and police cleared the crash and eventually reopened the Pacific Coast Highway going northbound and southbound.  However, traffic slowed to a crawl for three hours.

Will There be a Lawsuit?

At the current moment, the cause of the accident is still being investigated.  If it can be determined that one party is at fault for this accident, that party will face a personal injury lawsuit.  However, police are uncertain as to which driver is at fault for the crash.  If a personal injury lawsuit is filed, the personal injury attorney representing the victims will have to prove one of the drivers acted negligently, meaning he or she failed to provide due care.  

The aim of the personal injury lawsuit is to obtain financial compensation to offset losses and costs including pain, suffering, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, vehicle damage and medical costs.  Furthermore, the settlement or court award will also apply to all other costs causally related to this unfortunate accident.

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