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Two Seriously Injured In Irwindale Crash

An auto crash that occurred in Irwindale this past weekend resulted in two significant injuries.  KTLA News Channel Five reports that accident occurred by Bateman Avenue and Alpha Street.  Sadly, the vehicle involved in the accident found its way to the bottom of a Buena Vista Channel wash. 

About the Accident

Early reports state four individuals were in the vehicle at the time of the accident. The vehicle crashed into a fence then subsequently slid down to the wash.   Emergency responders zoomed over to the scene of the accident.  Unfortunately, two of the people in the vehicle had to be transported to a nearby hospital so their injuries could be treated.  Furthermore, a tow truck had to be summoned to the accident scene to remove the automobile from the wash.  Law enforcement is now attempting to figure out what, exactly, caused the crash.

Will Legal Action be Taken?

Police are not certain as to what caused the accident.  However, police have stated they do not believe drugs or alcohol are the cause.  If it turns out the vehicle was driven off the road and someone witnessed the aggressive act or if the vehicle suffered a mechanical issue, there is a good chance a personal injury lawsuit will be filed.  If it can be proven another’s negligence, meaning the failure to provide others with due care, caused the accident, that party will face a personal injury lawsuit. 

The objective of a personal injury lawsuit is to obtain financial compensation to cover the cost of medical care, pain, suffering, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, vehicle damage and all other losses tied to the accident.  The challenge is for the victims’ personal injury attorney to prove another party’s negligence caused the accident.  If the vehicle malfunctioned after a mechanic worked on it, if it had a defect or if the roads were not in suitable shape, there is an argument to be made that the accident is the result of negligence. 

Stay tuned.  As more information about the accident is revealed, it will be easier to predict whether there will be a lawsuit and whether that lawsuit will lead to significant financial compensation.

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