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Van Nuys Collision Proves Deadly

A hit and run accident that occurred in Van Nuys has taken a life.  KTLA News Channel Five reports the accident occurred two Sundays ago in the late evening hours.  Early reports state a pedestrian was attempting to make his way across Hazeltine Avenue slightly to the south of Gault Street.  A sedan that was traveling northbound struck the pedestrian.  The sedan driver did not stop to provide any assistance.  Nor did this negligent individual reach out to the authorities or emergency personnel to report the collision.  Unfortunately, the driver sped away from the accident scene.

Accident Details

The pedestrian, a local man in his 30s, was transported to a nearby hospital.  However, the pedestrian did not survive.  Police are now attempting to find the driver of the vehicle involved in the crash.  The vehicle in question is a silver sedan.  This automobile endured considerable damage to its front end.  The vehicle also had a damaged windshield. 

Those in the greater southern California area who have spotted a car with this description or one resembling it are encouraged to reach out to law enforcement with the details.  In fact, local police are going as far as offering a reward upwards of $50,000 to the individuals who provide information that helps arrest and convict the individual who caused the crash. 

Those with information pertaining to the accident should reach out to the Van Nuys police department by dialing 818-644-8116.  The police department also welcomes anonymous tips and information that will help piece together this puzzle through Crime Stoppers which can be reached at 800-222-8477.

The Ensuing Lawsuit

If the driver who struck the pedestrian is identified, he or she will face a wrongful death lawsuit.  The wrongful death lawsuit will be filed by the attorney representing the victim’s family.  If this lawsuit proves successful, it will lead to considerable financial compensation paid to the victims’ loved ones.  The money obtained through a court award or settlement will be used to pay for the family’s expenses related to the funeral and burial.  The money stemming from the lawsuit can also be used to offset additional losses such as the family’s loss of comfort, the loss of financial support, etc.

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