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Wrong Way Crash In Fontana Proves Deadly

Two individuals passed away earlier this week in an unfortunate wrong way accident in Fontana.  KTLA News Channel Five reports the wreck occurred along Sierra Avenue by Ramona Avenue in the late afternoon hours this past Wednesday. 

Accident Details

It appears as though a Ford Expedition traveling southbound at a high rate of speed struck multiple vehicles along the road’s northbound side.  Two people were declared dead after emergency responders arrived at the accident scene.  Three more people were transported to a nearby hospital so their injuries could be treated.  Each of these individuals is listed in critical condition.

Police also had to close off a portion of the road so work crews could clean up the mess.  Unfortunately, police state they received multiple 911 calls about the vehicle in question traveling at an excessive rate of speed yet they were not able to pull the driver over prior to the accident.

The Legal Action to Come

All in all, two people died and three others suffered significant injuries as a result of this unfortunate accident.  One of the victims underwent emergency surgery.  There will clearly be some expensive medical bills resulting from this accident.  The victims and also the family members of those who passed away as a result of this tragic accident are likely to file lawsuits against the negligent party.  The aim of such a lawsuit is to obtain financial compensation to offset all losses resulting from the accident ranging from medical bills to lost wages, diminished earning capacity, pain, suffering, etc. 

Furthermore, the family members of those who passed away will file wrongful death lawsuits against the negligent driver.  The goal of such lawsuits is to obtain the financial compensation the family members need to offset all losses resulting from their loved ones’ premature departure from this plane of existence.  If the wrongful death lawsuits are successful, they will obtain financial compensation for the family members’ loss of comfort, loss of financial support and also related costs such as the cost of the funeral and burial.

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