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Wrong Way Crash In Lancaster Kills Four

Two children and two adults passed away after a wrong way accident in Lancaster.  Another young boy involved in the crash has been hospitalized.  The crash was particularly violent as it involved a big rig. 

Accident Details

A Peterbilt 18-wheeler was heading east in Lancaster at 9 in the morning this past Friday.  A ’19 Dodge Challenger driving west smashed into the truck.  The California Highway Patrol reports the accident occurred on Avenue G’s eastbound lane by 30th Street.  Five individuals including three kids and two women were inside the Dodge at the time of the accident.  The driver of the vehicle, age 62, passed away at the accident scene.  The individual in the passenger seat, age 59, was transported to the Holy Cross Medical Center.  This unfortunate individual was subsequently declared dead. 

Two of the kids in the vehicle also passed away at a local hospital.  The other child in the vehicle, age 5, was transported to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles where he received treatment for significant injuries.

All of the individuals in the Challenger at the time of the accident were Lancaster residents.  The identities of those who passed away have not yet been revealed so their family can be notified of their departure from this plane of existence.  The driver of the truck, Santos D. Torres, a 44-year-old from Corona, suffered several injuries.  We are still awaiting additional information about those injuries.

Legal Responsibility for the Crash

The California Highway Patrol is still investigating to determine why the Dodge vehicle was on the wrong side of the road.  It is possible alcohol or drugs might have played a role in the accident.  However, at this time, police have not stated why the crash might have occurred.  

If it can be proven the driver of the Dodge vehicle was negligent, meaning she did not provide the truck driver and those in her own vehicle with the proper level of care, the victims will obtain financial compensation from her estate.  The injured truck driver can file a personal injury lawsuit to obtain financial compensation for pain, suffering, diminished earning capacity, lost wages, medical costs and additional losses. 

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